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Bridal Make Up

Julie Mac make up artist seen working here on a wedding at Thornton Manor applying Mac make up products Wedding make up in action!

Being a bride is the dream of many a little girl. The thought of looking your most beautiful in front of all of your friends and family is an ideal that is hard to shake, regardless of budget constraints or personal preferences.



I will make you, as the bride, look and feel your most radiant and, therefore, confident. Although using a friend because her make-up always looks so pretty or because she’s offered to do it for free may sound tempting, there are too many good reasons to opt for a professional artist instead.


Our philosophy is to make you look the very best you possibly can for your professional photography.

Training and Qualification

Superior Products

Gorgeous Bride of flawless natural Wedding Make up by Julie Mac Stunning bridal make up, beautifully natural. Photography by Studio 900.



As a professional make-up artist, based in Wirral, I have been trained to know what colours, styles and products to use for certain occasions, skin types and ‘looks’. This means that you will be receiving a service based on years of practice and an extensive knowledge; a priceless resource.


I am the only recommended make up artist for Thornton Manor.

Objective Opinion

Flawless Bridal Make-up, taken recently at Thornton Hall Hotel.

I make a career out of doing make-up and recognise the value of using good quality cosmetic products. I  do not want my brides reporting that the mascara ran or the lipstick faded, so I use the best cosmetics available. These are longer-lasting and usually much better for your skin and lips. So, you will feel comfortable and secure for the duration of your big day.

Beautiful close up of a vintage looking bridal make up. Absolutely flawless Wedding Make up with English rose cheeks and soft romantic dusky pink lips

Unlike a good friend or family member, I have nothing to gain from flattering you if you do not look your best. Rather, I will be able to see your strengths and weaknesses from a completely objective perspective and can advise accordingly, ensuring that your very own bridal make up look is the absolute best for your wedding day.

Experience with Make-up for Photography Purposes

Bridesmaids make up with bride. Bridesmaids make up should complement the Bride but never outshine her!

For your bespoke bridal make up I apply the cosmetics in such a way that it will be suitable for real-life viewing as well as when you are photographed. All too often, the bride looks fantastic in the mirror, but orange, pale or 'flashed out' in her photographs. On the other hand, she may look fantastic in her wedding photos, but completely fake or plastic in real life. I get the balance just right.

Advice and New Ideas

Happy Bride on the way to her wedding. Professional Wedding make up makes you feel confident knowing you look your very best on your big day.

Getting my advice will enable you to explore different possibilities in terms of your bridal make-up. A friend may simply opt for the only styles and / or colours she knows. But as a professional I am familiar with modern trends and can warn against common mistakes when applying your daily cosmetics. Be open-minded and communicate clearly so that you can get the most benefit out of this consultation.Having some pictures from Pinterest or Wedding mags is helpful.

Reliable References

Stuuning bridal make up on bride just before she enters her ceremony. Every bride needs a professional make up artist for their big day! Julie and Team Mac are there with you every step of the way!

I have a portfolio of previous jobs and a list of client references that can be contacted. This will give you the valuable opportunity to hear about others’ experiences before investing in me for your bridal make-up.